Excellence in products and services to help customers achieve their goals

The reputation built throughout its history with both customers and suppliers is the main foundation of Apliquimica and its greatest asset. We will always aim to meet our customers' needs, whether by looking for new and innovative products or providing quick and efficient service.

Our Products

    Apliquimica offers a wide line of chemical additives for food, beverage and cosmetic products, among others. We are constantly searching for new products always prioritizing high standard of quality.

    Our Partners

    Apliquimica Ltda. relies on international partnerships of high importance in the segment of Caramel Colors and Flavors that strive for the commercial, technological and innovative power of trade, in their respective fields.

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    Caramel Colors

    Caramel Colors are liquid or solid, ranging from dark brown to black in color, with a burnt sugar aroma and a slightly bitter taste.

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    About Us

    Founded in 1987, Apliquimica Ltda. is a company of national capital, with an administrative headquarter, laboratories, pilot plant and a manufacturing facility located in São Paulo.

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